Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of BAPAC?

Support active participation of Bangladeshi Americans in the political process. Promote the interests of Bangladeshi Americans at local, state and federal levels. Encourage young Bangladeshi Americans to participate in the mainstream politics.

Why do we need organization like BAPAC?

After the passage of campaign finance reform laws, PACs have become more effective in gaining access to decision makers.

How do we ensure that our voice is heard?

Work toward a grassroots organization and seek support from a broad swathe of the community. We need to convert the trends of our demographics in to a political power, consolidate our contributions and leverage our support. By building an organized network, we are in a strong position to make our opinions count.

How do we do effective network?

Maintain contact with political candidates who support our community and issues that are dear to us, meet with them, discuss candidates' platforms, introduce them to our community. Direct support to candidates, and follow-up with them once they are elected through a series of activities to ensure that our issues remain on top of their agenda.

How this committee may help to centralize efforts?

Lessons Learned and Best Practices / Experiences from various regions are to be stored and shared with other regions to achieve similar success.

Is BAPAC affiliated with any major parties / organizations?

No, we are bipartisan - we support the best candidates / issues, regardless of their affiliation.